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Waterplus Campaign

According to the latest estimates of the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation (JMP), released in early 2013, 36% percent of the world's population - 2.5 billion people - lack improved sanitation facilities, and 768 million people still use unsafe drinking water sources. Inadequate access to safe water and sanitation services, coupled with poor hygiene practices, kills and sickens over 3,000 children every day, and leads to impoverishment and diminished opportunities for thousands more.

We believe that happiness can be amplified by sharing. As we value happiness, it is our belief that no one child should be denied their basic needs and their chance to pursue happiness in life.

To increase the awareness of the drinking water and its scarcity, 11+ pledges to reserve percentages of its revenue to donate lifesaving gifts through UNICEF for those in need.

Lifesaving gifts

  1. Water Purification Tablets turn dirty, contaminated water into something safe to drink. Each tablet makes 4-5 liters of clean water.
  2. Family Water Kits ensure that children can safely drink and wash. Family Water Kits include:
    • Soap: allowing children to wash, thereby dramatically reducing the exposure to disease.
    • Buckets and collapsible water containers: making it easier to carry water from a well or distribution point to their homes.
  3. Water Pump for Clean and Safe Water provides clean and safe drinking water for children and their entire community.